Samuel Helps Philippines Wind Power Project Get Presidential Approval

By Samuel DalSanto

April 14 2012, News | Gaining governmental approval for large-scale energy projects is absolutely vital, especially so in developing countries such as the Philippines. Recently, Samuel DalSanto was instrumental in helping to gain this vital governmental blessing for its Proposed Luzon Mindoro-Interconnection (LMI) project. In most cases the approval of local politicians and leaders will suffice. However,  thanks to the hard work of Samuel and others at PHESI, the highest levels of government were present to give their approval for the project.

At a recent ceremony, PHESI board members were joined by not only by the local government of Mindoro, but also several Philippine congressmen, the provincial governor, as well as H.S. President Benigno Aquino III. The government’s endorsing of the LMI wind energy project removes some of the final obstacles to completing development.

The project looks to eventually install 48MW of wind power in several stages mainly in the Oriental Mindoro area.

The development and installation of these new clean energy sources will hopefully be just the start of a new clean energy industry in the Philippines, with PHESI leading the way.

“Helping the Philippines to develop its vast clean energy resources is a worthwhile goal for us here. We are proud to be a part of this new stage of economic development here in the Philippines.” says CFO Samuel DalSanto.

View pictures of this historic meeting here:


About Samuel DalSanto

Whether as Chairman of or CFO of PHESI, Samuel has always brought ingenuity, integrity and hard work to his profession. With years of experience both in the front office and in the field, Samuel provides a unique vision to his leadership roles. Personally Samuel regularly volunteers his time in various teaching construction endeavors. 

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